Join us on our beautiful journey.

SHISEIDO CREATIVE CO is looking for talented individuals to become a part of our creative collective.

Together, we can create the future of beauty.


We want all our people to work in a way that inspires and empowers them, that’s why we ensure the working environment is one that benefits all.

At SHISEIDO CREATIVE, we recognize and respect each other in all the ways that make us unique, and we believe that the most beautiful creativity can only be generated through diversity.


Our working environment is designed to nurture creativity and allow our team to push the boundaries of beauty.

Our office is open plan, with a range of comfortable seating, meeting areas and spaces to focus. We also have workshops for modeling and prototyping, as well as a production studio, photo studio broadcast studio, and editing room.



New beauty experiences from a new creative collective.

We exist to push the boundaries of creativity and bring to life new beauty experiences. Experiences that move, inspire and connect. Experiences that we call kando.

As an in-house creative collective, we live by the the principles of DO BEAUTIFUL — a set of unique values that serve as our guiding light and empower us to live, work and go beyond beautiful.


In-house System

Diverse Work Styles

We have adopted a hybrid work style that combines in-office work and remote work, empowering our team to work efficiently and effectively.

We have also introduced a flextime system, which allows employees to manage their own schedules during working hours.


President MESSAGE

"A place where creative professionals can shine.”

Naomi Yamamoto, President of SHISEIDO CREATIVE, discusses recruitment, work style and more.

Mid-career Positions

  • Account Executive / Account Director

    Under the direction of a producer, this position is responsible for project management of global and/or domestic brands of the Shiseido Group.