Shiseido Creative Company, Limited Begins Operations in January 2022

2022. 01. 17 NOTICE

~To become a creative group that strengthens the brands~

Shiseido Creative Company, Limited (“Shiseido Creative”) was spun off from Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) to further strengthen its functions specializing in creativity, and began operations in January 2022.

About Shiseido Creative Company, Limited

Shiseido Creative acted as the Creative Division of Shiseido headquarters, originating from Shiseido Design Department established in 1916, and to better match our future goals, we have transformed this division into a new, separate company. In recent years, consumer behavior and purchasing behavior have been changing against the backdrop of digitalization, and digital advertising communication is becoming more diverse and complex. Under these circumstances, we are responding to the situation, striving to strengthen the experience design starting from product design, which is the strength of Shiseido Creative and what connects it to communication.
In the new company, we will create a work environment in which creators can fully focus on their creative activities. We will offer a variety of options, such as a flexible explicit evaluation system that is not influenced by age or years of experience, and the elimination of restrictions on working hours and locations, in order to accommodate the full diversity of work styles. In addition, we will further promote collaboration with external creators and the recruitment of diverse talents around the world to create a system that strongly supports our brands.

About the company logo

The logo represents the image of a sail stretched to catch the wind of the new era. With the sail designed to move forward in both favorable and unfavorable winds, we will make a voyage into the sea of “global creativity”.

[Comment from Naomi Yamamoto, Representative Director, President of Shiseido Creative]
As a creative company specializing in beauty, we have defined our PURPOSE as “to bring inspiration to the world by believing in the power of beauty and creativity”. We will take on new creative challenges that overturn conventional concepts while pursuing “bringing brands and people together, creating experiences to enjoy beauty, and enriching people’s hearts and minds”.
Shiseido Creative corporate website (from January 17, 2022):

[Company Profile]
Company name: Shiseido Creative Company, Limited.
Location: 1-6-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Naomi Yamamoto
Main business: Total branding communication, from product design development to experience design
Capital: 100 million yen
Date of establishment: January 2022
Ownership: 100% owned by Shiseido Company, Limited.
Number of employees: 93 people (as of January 1, 2022)