Breathe in the scent of nature.

The new normal — remote work, online meetings and the constant use of masks — can cause tension, stress, and fatigue.

The RETREAT STICK was planned and developed by S/ENSE™, a team of Shiseido fragrance researchers and Shiseido Creatives. The project was part of the Open Innovation Program led by the Shiseido Lab.

The beta version of the RETREAT STICK was available on "MAKUAKE," a service that supports purchases of new products and experiences, between July and September 2022. Feedback from 350 supporting purchasers is currently being used to improve the product and service.

Four sticks, each with a unique texture and nature-inspired fragrance, were developed.

Natural fragrances can simulate our senses and relax the mind. The scent of flowers, rain-soaked grass and cool evening air. But indoors, it is difficult to feel these fragrances.

To incorporate these natural fragrances into daily life, we created four RETREAT STICKS. The fragrances and textures help to inspire while working or calm while relaxing, offering a connection to nature even when stuck indoors.

Natural designs

Nature’s "fluctuation" was incorporated into the logo and packaging, and the four sticks are lightly colored to match the image and texture of the fragrance. The logo itself represents the flow of fragrance as it fills the air.

The paper packaging is a composite of photographs taken with polarizing film to capture the way light dances in space, an expression of the changing seasons, time, and weather.
With such attention to detail, we aimed to create a design that makes people feel calm and comfortable.

Produce an auditory experience to accompany the mid-work retreat time, and a pre-experience event.

To accompany the RETREAT STICKS which stimulate the senses of sight, touch, and smell, we also offered a unique audio-stimulating experience.In collaboration with "Hanatsubaki Ambient," a project led by Shiseido's corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki, we released four pieces of ambient music online. Produced by UNKNOWN ME, the music is inspired by the four RETREAT STICKS. Shiseido Creative designers crafted the graphics to accompany each piece of music.

In mid-September, the "Sound and Science Retreat" was held at the Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK), where members of the planning team introduced the fragrance and tactile sensations to those who had purchased RETREAT STICKS via MAKUAKE.

S/ENSE™ is a research and development concept by Shiseido fragrance researchers and Shiseido Creative.
Ambience Design uses technology to reproduce the "random fluctuations of nature" that are essential to life and can create a comfortable living space.


Planning Team S/ENSE

Reina Uemura Mika Ishii Ririko Sano (SHISEIDO CREATIVE)
Kei Maruhashi
Yurino Ashizawa Ken Shoji (Shiseido Global Innovation Center)

Development Team

Shiseido Global Innovation Center

In cooperation with

Yukino Miyazawa Shotaro Ito Maoi Otani (SHISEIDO CREATIVE)
Hanatsubaki Editorial Office